Research Group Visits The Keep

The research group has been working hard to uncover our boys stories, the progress we’ve made over the past months continues to surprise me and is all down to the effort made by our volunteer researchers. The lives of normal people before, during and after a period of huge upheaval and sadness is so interesting but sobering at the same time.


Our trip to The Keep, based in Falmer, was to further our research and to introduce the volunteers to the incredible archive source that is housed there.

The Keep is a world class centre for preservation and study of exceptional archival collections which was opened in October 2013.

The centre opens up access to all the collections of the East Sussex Record Office (ESRO), the Royal Pavilion & Museums Local History Collections and the internationally significant University of Sussex Special Collections. It is also a centre of excellence for conservation and preservation and represents the new generation of archive buildings in the UK.

The combined collections have synergies and have been brought together to provide, under one roof, an unrivalled, detailed record of the region’s history, dating back over 900 years. These archives document the lives of individuals, places and events from across the county and beyond, and they include written records, maps and plans, prints and drawings, photographs and films, oral histories, and digital and electronic records.

Keep October Visit

One of the best things about The Keep is the possibility to get your hands on real documents. What we looked at was the Parish Register, Parish Council Minutes and Churches Financial Records. This opened our eyes to the workings of the church and uncovered some interesting connections between the boys on the plaque and Parish Council.

Keep Visit OctoberIt was also possible due to the large amount of computers to continue our research on and James Gasston one of our volunteer researchers who is researching a solider on the plaque called Gerald H.V Burghope, while at The Keep was able to uncover something very interesting and poignant about Gerald, which we shall post about very soon!

I look forward to hearing from you and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any information about one of our boys on the plaque.


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