Behind the scenes…

Since starting the Boys on the Plaque last year Fabrica has always wondered who the maker behind the plaque was. In an effort to find out, today we removed the plaque from the wall in the hopes that the makers name, initials, the date it was made – or for that matter, anything – would be inscribed on the back. To our dismay however, it was blank.

Despite our failure to find out this information, we did figure out some other interesting things in the process. For one, this gives us an opportunity to reinforce and secure the hinges that the plaque is on, to hopefully prolong its legacy further. Secondly, we also got to see the original wall behind the plaque that had been untouched since 1914. On this wall there were three other screw marks in the shape of a triangle in the centre – suggesting that a triptych may have been hung in the space before the plaque went up.



2 thoughts on “Behind the scenes…

    1. Hi Ian

      Thanks for getting in touch – great to hear from you. I believe you are the second relative of Robert to contact us, as we heard from Roger on the My Brighton & Hove forum here:

      The plaque is back on the wall where it has hung since it was created – in the former Holy Trinity Church which is now Fabrica art gallery. I’d be very happy to arrange a time for you to visit and see the plaque? You can contact me on or call me at the office on 01273 778646.

      I’m guessing you’ve seen researcher Lyn’s blog entry specifically about Robert Ivermee?
      We’ll be marking the anniversary of the Battle of Boar’s Head at the end of June – more details to follow.

      Best wishes


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