Poems by Gerald H. V. Burghope

On one of these cold winter days I went through comments and letters that we received since Boys on the Plaque project started. While I was reading it and looking for inspiration for a new post, I came across a soldier and a war poet Gerald H. V. Burghope.

With our volunteer researcher’s help we found his book at the library’s archive and photographed every single page. It is such a great addition towards our research archive, that it would be a shame not to share it with public. Therefore, we are sharing digitalised version of Gerald H. V. Burghope’s book and some found information about it.

Burghope was a keen poet, and a single volume of his poems (most of which were written between 1912 and 1914) was published after his death in 1917. On the second page is a photograph of Gerald in his army uniform, and the introduction is written by the Reverend Felix Asher, who was incumbent at the Holy Trinity Church at the time and a friend of the Burghope family.

(I recommend to make it full screen for better readability.)

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Featured image:

Top Row: RH Shaw, Gladys Hitchins (Cousin), Gerald Burghop, Ethel
Burghope (mother, nee Hitchins), Harry Burghope (Father), Clair Hitchins
(Cousin) and Bill Insull (Cousin)



Blog writer: Ernesta Simkute


One thought on “Poems by Gerald H. V. Burghope

  1. I came across the following concerning Gerald Burghope in the ‘Brighton Gazette’ dated 2 May 1917 when doing research for my WW1 book but was unaware of his published poetry. Excellent that his verse has been shared on this site to complete the picture.
    The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Burghope, 6, Highcroft-villas, Brighton, will regret to learn that they have just received official notification that their only son, Second-Lieutenant Gerald H. V. Burghope, Royal West Surrey Regiment, was killed in action in France on 23rd April. Only 20 years of age, he joined up at the commencement of the war from the Royal Fusiliers Public Schools’ Battalion. He was educated at Taunton House School, Brighton, and subsequently went to Dean Close School, Cheltenham.

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