Armistice day

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Poem by Gerald H. V. Burghope

The armistice took effect at “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” of 1918. A year later first Armistice Day events were held to mark cessation of hostilities on the Front of World War I. This year it marks 100 years of honouring those who fought, lived, died and those who lost family members in order to achieve freedom and peace.

Today it became a symbol and a reminder to everyone what war is capable of doing to those who are close to us and others. It is a reminder that those difficult days affected every community. And that respect, and kindness should be expressed to every single veteran and families that suffered all around the world.

To remember this day,  Fabrica has exciting update on The Boys on the Plaque book commemorating 95 local soldiers who fought in World War One. Please follow this space for some news and new blog post on our Boys.



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