Graffiti Workshops

Working with artist Tom Goulden, the group explored the records and research of some of The Boys on the Plaque, discovered by Fabrica volunteers, that detail their military history and lives, their local connections to the city and their families.
‘I feel the project was a success and it felt important that the young people, all originally from Brighton, were working and taking in a project with some level of familiarity. I felt this was the case as they were all a similar age to the soldiers that went out to fight which was a good discussion point. Also creating a new updated version of a cenotaph and taking an art form that resonates with their time of life and is in keeping with a newer generation and yet still memorialising the names of the soldiers on the plaque felt strong and empowering to me ‘
– Tom Goulden, Artist Facilitator
Graffiti close up

Collaboratively created by a group of local young people, this contemporary artwork was made in response to the stories of The Boys on the Plaque. The aim of these activities was to increase the community value of the plaque by engaging young people who are familiar to the city with the history of the building and community.

We had a small number of young people referred in from family key work services in Brighton to our sessions at BYC all aged 14. Chloe Luke and Oscar – they helped me complete the Big canvasses for the project.

‘We then had a group of young adults from Brighton Foyer, all 17 plus in age, mostly around 20 years old. This group had a discussion and engaged with painting a 3D cenetaph-like plinth. It went well and they all expressed that they enjoyed themselves a great deal and wanted to do more projects like this in the future, really positive feedback.’ – Tom Goulden, Artist Facilitator

All the young people involved also made their own graffiti canvasses to take home.
The artwork will be exhibited at Brighton Jubilee Library as part of B.fest – the Brighton Youth Arts Festival from 18 May to 10 June 2016, and at Fabrica as part of Heritage Open Days 2016 on Thursday 8 September.
More photos to follow!
Provided and presented by Fabrica in collaboration with Brighton & Hove City Library Services, Brighton Foyer and Brighton Youth Centre