The Names on the Plaque

Our Volunteer Research Group dedicated their time to discovering more about The Boys on the Plaque, and we’ll keep this website updated with highlights of our findings.


If you think you might know something about one of The Boys on the Plaque, we want to hear from you! Get in touch with with any information you may have.

Below is all the information provided on the plaque.


Arthur Horace Holt: H.M.S. “Bulwark”. Sheerness: Nov. 26th 1914*

Sgt. A. Stanford: Argyle & Suth. Highlanders. France: May 11th 1915 (French offensive at Vimy)

Pte. Robert Ivermee: Royal Sussex. France: July 1916 (died of wounds buried St. OmerNord, France)

C. Sgt – Maj. J.H. Cox : M.C. 1st Sherwoods. France: July 5th 1916

Cpl Arthur John King : Royal Sussex. Bromley, Kent : July 15th 1916

2nd Lieut. Rev Robert F. Callaway: 2nd Sherwoods. France: Sept. 13th 1916

2nd Lieut. John Stewart Dagg : Aukland Infantry, N.Z. force . France: Sept. 15th 1916

Pte. P.W. Wardle : 4th Canadian Mtd. Rifles.  France: Octr. 1st 1916

2nd Lieut. Ronald W.A. Watts: B.A. M.C. 2nd Worcesters. France: Nov. 12th 1916

2nd Lieut. Gerald H. V. Burghope: West Surreys. France: April 23rd 1917

Pte. Frank Douglas Port: 7th Soffolks. France: Augt. 10th 1917

Pte. Donald Duncan Norman: A.S.C. & M.G.C. Belgium: Augt 14th 1917

Pte Frank W.J.Leason: 1st West Kents. France: March 22nd 1918

Sgt. J.W.Wardle:11th Royal Warwicks. Flanders: Feby.17th 1918

Sapper Harry Nye: Royal Engineers. France: April 3rd 1918

Sgt. Thos. Valentine Price: 10th Shrops Yeomanry. France: July 29th 1918

2nd Lieut. Harold B. Pullinger: East Surreys. France: Septr. 1st 1918


Frank Bartlett.


Philip Chas. Bruder.

William Buddle.

Henry Burnett.

Ralph Cooper. M.C.

Frederick C.Crowden.

Charles Dale.

Alfred Dale.

Albert Dale.

William Dawson.

Arthur T. Dodson.

James Dunk.

Leslie Elkenton.

George Eustace.

Clarence Farley.

Robert H. Filtness.

Walter H. Filtness.

Albert J. Filtness.

William French.

Frederick French.

H. Ralph Garrett.

W.Frank Garrett.

Frederick J. Guy.

Ewart Gilkes.

Arthur Gilkes.

Rex W.P. Goodwin.

E.A. Hedington.

T.C.H. Herbert.

E. Charles Hill.

E.A. Henderson.

Stanley Holt.

Harry Howard.

Adderley Howard.

John F. Howard.

Charles Hunt.

Alfred C.King.

Albert H. Knight.

Alfred May.

Valentine May.

Owen Marsh.

Sydney A. Middleton

Laurence Mitchell.

Victor O’Neill.

Thomas H. Palmer.

Harold Parrack.

Aubrey Parrack.

Harry Pimm.

Fred Pimm.

Charles Pimm.

Mark Pimm.

Herbert Port.

Arthur Port.

Sydney James Port.

Victor Potton.

William Quero.

C.W. Recknell.

Charles G.Robbins.

Jack Short.

John Shoveller.

Alfred P. Smith.

Edward Stanford.

Reginald Stewart.

O.Gordon Stewart.

A.H. Stewart.

Philip Sutehall.

Thomas Sweetman.

A. Standing.

Robert W.Tilney.

Eric Gordon Tilney.

William L. Trower.

Ernest H. Veale.

H. Christopher Watts.

John Whiteside.

George Wilkinson.

Charles Wilkinson.

E. Wingfield.


5 thoughts on “The Names on the Plaque

  1. John Ewart Gilkes was the son of a founder member of the Rotary Club of Brighton (still in existence). I came across him when researching Rotary Family members for a dinner in 2015


    1. Hi again PEA, researcher Lyn has got back to us with this info, which might be of interest:
      ‘His father, John Harry Gilkes, was a member of the Rotary Club. He also founded the Association of Free Lances (a debating society) which lasted c1884-1969 and was a member of the Brighton & Hove Natural History & Philosophical Society. I also have info about a John Harry Gilkes being given the freedom of the city of London in 1918. In many ways, Ewart’s father and grandfather were even more interesting than Ewart … but I felt I had to draw the line somewhere!’
      A fascinating family by all accounts!!


  2. Hello Clare ~ from Downunder in Australia just interested to know if The Mayor of Brighton Sir John Cordy Burrows (was The Mayor for three years) and has his statue down in front of The Royal Pavilion was related to The Pullinger on The Plaque as my mother Elizabeth Doris Pullinger said he was related to The Pullinger’s in Brighton ~~ Thankyou Rosemary Todd you have my email address.


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